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Law Firm Case Studies

Marlenne Doss, Aion Law Partners - 1-866-AIONLAW

Aion Law Partners is an emerging Toronto law firm that specializes in estate planning and wills & trusts.

Their problem: Emma and Marlenne knew they needed to increase their firm's brand awareness and also promote valuable legal advice content that would establish them as thought leaders in their industry. However, they were both very busy building their firm and didn't have the time to properly devote to social media marketing.

The solution: After hiring GRIND, we set up a 90-day digital marketing plan to promote content, increase followers, and improve customer and audience engagement on their LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram channels.

The results: We helped increase their Instagram followers by 14%, increase their YouTube subscribers by 100% and YouTube video views by 916% within 90 days.

John Miller.png
How Our Google Ads Lead Generation Services Revitalized John Miller's Law Firm


Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C., a renowned 40-person law firm in New Jersey, found itself grappling with an inconsistent stream of high-quality leads. Despite being a well-established name in the field, the firm's future was jeopardized by its unreliable and sporadic marketing tactics. The need for a dependable, sustainable growth strategy was clear. That's when our agency stepped in, ready to revamp their lead generation approach using our expertise in Google Ads.



John Miller, a managing partner at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C., was caught in a predicament, struggling to maintain a consistent flow of quality leads. His pre-existing marketing strategies were inconsistent, causing significant fluctuations in their client numbers and, ultimately, their revenue. With a firm of his size, this unpredictability was not sustainable and posed a potential threat to his long-term viability.




Our team was hired to implement a data-driven Google Ads lead generation campaign designed to attract high-quality leads consistently. Our approach was twofold:


1. Understanding the Firm and its Target Audience: We began by gaining a deep understanding of the firm's services, primarily estate planning. We identified their ideal client demographics, including their online behaviour, which informed our ads targeting strategy.


2. Implementing a Robust Google Ads Campaign: We constructed a comprehensive Google Ads campaign designed to attract the right audience. Through careful keyword selection, compelling ad copy, and strategic bidding, we ensured the firm was visible to potential clients at the right place and time.




Within the first 30 days, the impact was apparent. We were able to generate 36 new client leads, a significant improvement that alleviated the firm's primary concern of inconsistent leads.


But the benefits didn't stop there. Since April 2023, we've ensured a steady supply of 1-2 high-quality leads every single day. The stream of leads has become more predictable, allowing the law firm to focus on their core services instead of worrying about their next client.


The lead consistency and quality have directly translated into more business and increased revenues for John Miller and his partners. This was not a one-time solution but rather a sustainable, growth-oriented strategy that secured the firm's future.




Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller's journey from irregular and unreliable lead generation to a steady, high-quality lead pipeline highlights the transformative power of strategic, data-driven Google Ads campaigns. With our expert team, we've demonstrated our ability to not only understand and adapt to our client's unique needs but also to provide a sustainable solution that fosters long-term growth.


Are you ready to write your success story with us? Contact us today to discover how we can help revitalize your lead generation and secure your business's future.

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