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5 Best Social Media Platforms For Lawyers in 2022

There are so many social platforms out there you can get dazed and confused. Let's break down some of the top social media platforms that every law firm should be using right now in 2022.

So this might be a surprise to you or it might not, but the best social channel where you should be putting your content is Facebook. All I have to say is 2.91 billion monthly active users as of December 2021. With Facebook, you can use Facebook live videos, Facebook groups but the reality is that Facebook is more and more now pushing people who want real engagement, who want real traction, to use Facebook paid ads. Facebook ads are fairly cheap, they're easy to set up and they get you quick results. One of the powerful things about Facebook is having the ability to leverage paid ads that are very targeted to your ideal audience and allow you to get quick engagement really fast.

Next is YouTube, with 2.2 billion monthly users. YouTube is all about videos as we all know, but the great thing about YouTube is that it's the world's second-largest search engine. So after Google, more people around the world are going to YouTube for answers to their problems or for more information, on topics like how to get a will or how to buy a house. Whatever area of law you specialize in, I guarantee people are going on YouTube and searching that for information. If you have videos posted with great content, there's a great chance to be able to connect with your potential clients. So if you're good at creating content, if you're good in front of the camera, this is the perfect platform for you to be able to leverage because of the reach and how millions of people are on YouTube looking for answers.

Thirdly, we have Instagram with 1.16 billion users every month. The thing about Instagram is that it's easy to get followers. As long as you have a nice profile, reels right now are very popular on Instagram. Reels are those videos that are 60 seconds or less. They're easy to get traction, easy to get followers, as long as you're putting great content, you’re able to get people to connect with you. Instagram is also great for short-form content. So if you're not interested in creating long videos, it's okay. Go to Instagram, do a short story of yourself, your law firm life or share an inspirational quote.

Another social platform that you shouldn’t ignore is Tik Tok. Maybe your kids are on TikTok or you might have seen teens on TikTok. But the thing is TikTok is a growing platform that should not be ignored. Maybe in the next two or three years, it can be the next Instagram. Now TikTok right now is more for entertaining short-form content. So I would say if your target market is more of the young millennials, TikTok, is definitely a place to be on. If your target audience is anywhere from age 25 to 39, Tik Tok it's a great place to post short-form content.

Lastly, there’s LinkedIn with 310 million monthly users. Linkedin is great because it's largely a business platform. So if you specialize in business and compliance law or work with startup companies, it's an amazing platform to connect with your ideal clients.

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